Adjective Classes: A Cross-Linguistic Typology

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The opening chapter considers current generalizations about the nature and classification of adjectives and sets out the cross-linguistic parameters of their variation. Studies of well-known languages such as Russian, Japanese, Korean and Lao are juxtaposed with the languages of small hunter-gatherer and slash-and-burn agriculturalist groups.

All are based on fine-grained field research. The nature and typology of adjective classes is then reconsidered in the conclusion. The authors reveal that the grammatical properties of the adjective class may be similar to nouns or verbs or both or neither; that some languages have two kinds of adjectives, one hard to distinguish from nouns and the other from verbs; and that the adjective class can sometimes be large and open, and in other cases small and closed. The book will interest scholars and advanced students of language typology and of the syntax and semantics of adjectives.

This volume will clearly be useful to anyone interested in adjectives and the nature of linguistic categorization. Adjective classes: a cross-linguistic typology Robert M. His books on typological theory include Where have all the Adjectives Gone?

Series: Explorations in Linguistic Typology

The flipside of ethnocentrism is exoticism, assuming that South American languages must always be radically different from European languages, when this is not necessarily the case and English sometimes turns out to be more exotic than expected. But please stop repeating the same misleading statements about Quechua languages e. Field linguists are not asking if language X has adjectives, they are asking you not to ignore the empirical facts about language X just because it is convenient for your argument. This is was the real purpose of my article on Quechua word classes, to facilitate comparison through more accurate and complete data, and I invite readers to take a look at it and form their own opinions.

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Cross-Linguistic Influence and Learner Language

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Non-verbal predication: theory, typology, diachrony. Mithun, Marainne. The Languages of Native North America.

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