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I hope that the film compels viewers to recognize and respect any differences that they might have with others but for those differences not to become the source of division. If we are to be truly great, we must find in ourselves the ability to forgive and to reconcile.

Just do it. Start to make your film if that is what you need to do. Marco Williams is an award-winning documentary and nominated fiction film director.

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Williams received a B. The Filmmaker From filmmaker Marco Williams: I hope the film will lead to a national discussion and a referendum on reparations. His advice for aspiring filmmakers: Just do it. Ghosting — Carrie, Caledonia, Mich. Get over it.

No need to bring the paranormal into the equation. Yeet , as in to vigorously throw or toss — Emily, Sault Ste.

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Marie, Mich. Grapple — David, Traverse City, Mich. I prefer to grapple with a wrestler or an overgrown tree.

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Eschew — Mary, Toronto, Ont. Crusty — Hannah, Campbellsville, Ky. Make the madness stop. Optics — Bob Tempe, Ariz. Legally drunk — Philip, Auburn, Ind. Thought Leader — Matt, Superior, Colo. How can someone hold a thought-lead, much less even lead by thought? Importantly — Constance, Pace, Tex. Accoutrements — Leslie, Scottsdale, Ariz.

The Filmmaker

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