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Willis has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman several times throughout his career. He filled in for an ill David Letterman on his show February 26, , when he was supposed to be a guest. On April 12, , he appeared again, this time wearing a Sanjaya Malakar wig. Willis has appeared in five films with Samuel L.

Inner Landscape 3: Dissolving Suffering

Willis also worked with his eldest daughter, Rumer , in the film Hostage. Subsequently, he appeared in the films What Just Happened and Surrogates , based on the comic book of the same name. Willis was slated to play U. Army general William R. Peers in director Oliver Stone 's Pinkville , a drama about the investigation of the My Lai massacre. In early , he appeared in an advertising campaign to publicize the insurance company Norwich Union 's change of name to Aviva. Willis starred with Tracy Morgan in the comedy Cop Out , directed by Kevin Smith and about two police detectives investigating the theft of a baseball card.

Willis appeared in the music video for the song " Stylo " by Gorillaz. Willis played the role of generic bald man "Mr. This was the first time these three notable action movie actors appeared on screen together. Although the scene featuring the three was short, it was one of the most highly anticipated scenes in the film. The trio filmed their scene in an empty church on October 24, The film was released on October 15, Filming took place in Rhode Island under the direction of Wes Anderson , in Willis teamed up with 50 Cent in a film directed by David Barrett called Fire with Fire , starring opposite Josh Duhamel and Rosario Dawson , about a fireman who must save the love of his life.

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It's much more challenging to have to do a film again and try to compete with myself, which is what I do in Die Hard. I try to improve my work every time. In , it was announced that Willis would be the next to be roasted by Comedy Central. In , Willis and his business partner Arnold Rifkin started a motion picture production company called Cheyenne Enterprises.

In , Willis signed a contract to become the international face of Belvedere SA 's Sobieski Vodka in exchange for 3. Willis resides in Brentwood, Los Angeles with his family. At the premiere for the film Stakeout , Willis met actress Demi Moore. They married on November 21, and had three daughters: Rumer born August 16, , [63] Scout born July 20, , [64] and Tallulah born February 3, Willis was engaged to actress Brooke Burns until they broke up in after ten months together.

The ceremony was not legally binding, so the couple wed again in a civil ceremony in Beverly Hills , six days later. The couple has two daughters, born in April [74] and May Willis was a Lutheran at some point, [76] but no longer practices. In a July interview with George magazine, he stated:. Organized religions in general, in my opinion, are dying forms. They were all very important when we didn't know why the sun moved, why weather changed, why hurricanes occurred, or volcanoes happened. Modern religion is the end trail of modern mythology. But there are people who interpret the Bible literally.

I choose not to believe that's the way. And that's what makes America cool, you know? Four years later, he supported President George H.

Review: Fox's medical drama 'The Resident' can't save itself

Bush for reelection and was an outspoken critic of Bill Clinton. However, in , he declined to endorse Clinton's Republican opponent Bob Dole , because Dole had criticized Demi Moore for her role in the film Striptease. Bush that year.


He did not make any contributions or public endorsements in the presidential campaign. In several June interviews, he declared that he maintains some Republican ideologies. In , he said that the United States should intervene more into Colombia , in order to end the drug trafficking. If you take guns away from legal gun owners, then the only people who have guns are the bad guys. In February , Willis was in Manhattan to promote his film 16 Blocks with reporters. One reporter attempted to ask Willis about his opinion on the current government, but was interrupted by Willis in mid-sentence: "I'm sick of answering this fucking question.

I'm a Republican only as far as I want a smaller government , I want less government intrusion. I want them to stop shitting on my money and your money and tax dollars that we give 50 percent of every year. I want them to be fiscally responsible and I want these goddamn lobbyists out of Washington. Do that and I'll say I'm a Republican.

I hate the government, OK? I'm apolitical. Write that down. I'm not a Republican. Willis's name was in an advertisement in the Los Angeles Times on August 17, , that condemned Hamas and Hezbollah and supported Israel in the Israel-Lebanon war. Joe: Retaliation. Growing up in a military family , Willis has publicly sold Girl Scout cookies for the United States armed forces.

In , Willis' then 8-year-old daughter, Tallulah, suggested that he purchase Girl Scout cookies to send to troops. Kennedy and other troops stationed throughout the Middle East at the time. Willis has also criticized the media for its coverage of the war, complaining that the press were more likely to focus on the negative aspects of the war:. I went to Iraq because what I saw when I was over there was soldiers—young kids for the most part—helping people in Iraq; helping getting the power turned back on, helping get hospitals open, helping get the water turned back on and you don't hear any of that on the news.

You hear, 'X number of people were killed today,' which I think does a huge disservice.

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It's like spitting on these young men and women who are over there fighting to help this country. Willis has won a variety of awards and has received various honors throughout his career in television and film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American actor, producer, and musician. Demi Moore m. Emma Heming m. Main article: Bruce Willis filmography. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Bruce Willis.

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Providence, R. Associated Press. According to his biographer, Gaines was taking diet pills, and as the medication began to wear off, fatigue set in. Although the cards were stacked against him, Gaines took the stand with an air of defiance. I am responsible, I started them. Some may not like them. That is a matter of personal taste. It would be just as difficult to explain the harmless thrill of a horror story to a Dr. Wertham as it would be to explain the sublimity of love to a frigid old maid. Entertaining reading has never harmed anyone. Men of good will, free men should be very grateful for one sentence in the statement made by Federal Judge John M.

They are bright children, but those who want to prohibit comic magazines seem to see dirty, sneaky, perverted monsters who use the comics as a blueprint for action. Perverted little monsters are few and far between. The chances are most of them are in schools for retarded children.

What are we afraid of? Are we afraid of our own children? Do we forget that they are citizens, too, and entitled to select what to read or do? Do we think our children are so evil, so simple minded, that it takes a story of murder to set them to murder, a story of robbery to set them to robbery? Jimmy Walker once remarked that he never knew a girl to be ruined by a book.

Nobody has ever been ruined by a comic.

What You Didn’t Know About the Apollo 11 Mission

As has already been pointed out by previous testimony, a little healthy, normal child has never been made worse for reading comic magazines. The basic personality of a child is established before he reaches the age of comic-book reading. The roots of such characteristics are much deeper. The truth is that delinquency is the product of real environment, in which the child lives and not of the fiction he reads. There are many problems that reach our children today. They are tied up with insecurity. No pill can cure them. No law will legislate them out of being.

The problems are economic and social and they are complex.

Our people need understanding; they need to have affection, decent homes, decent food. Do the comics encourage delinquency? I find comic books many times helpful for children in that through them they can get rid of many of their aggressions and harmful fantasies. I can never remember having seen one boy or girl who has committed a crime or who became neurotic or psychotic because he or she read comic books.

Chief Counsel Herbert Beaser: Let me get the limits as far as what you put into your magazine. Is the sole test of what you would put into your magazine whether it sells? Is there any limit you can think of that you would not put in a magazine because you thought a child should not see or read about it? My only limits are the bounds of good taste, what I consider good taste. Beaser: Then you think a child cannot in any way, in any way, shape, or manner, be hurt by anythin g that a child reads or sees? Senator Estes Kefauver: Here is your May 22 issue.

Do you think that is in good taste? Gaines: Yes sir, I do, for the cover of a horror comic. A cover in bad taste, for example, might be defined as holding the head a little higher so that the neck could be seen dripping blood from it, and moving the body over a little further so that the neck of the body could be seen to be bloody. Faced with an angry public and the threat of regulation by the government or self-regulation, the comics industry was backed into a corner.

They responded by establishing the Comic Magazine Association of America, which instituted the Comics Code Authority, a censorship code that thoroughly sanitized the content of comics for years to come. Almost overnight, comics were brought down to a level appropriate only for the youngest or dimmest of readers. Horror, Crime, Science Fiction and other genres appealing to older and more sophisticated readers were wiped out for a generation.

Crimes shall never be presented in such a way as to create sympathy for the criminal, to promote distrust of the forces of law and justice, or to inspire others with a desire to imitate criminals. Policemen, judges, government officials, and respected institutions shall never be presented in such a way as to create disrespect for established authority.

Criminals shall not be presented so as to be rendered glamorous or to occupy a position which creates a desire for emulation. Scenes of excessive violence shall be prohibited. Scenes of brutal torture, excessive and unnecessary knife and gunplay, physical agony, gory and gruesome crime shall be eliminated. All scenes of horror, excessive bloodshed, gory or gruesome crimes, depravity, lust, sadism, masochism shall not be permitted.

Inclusion of stories dealing with evil shall be used or shall be published only where the intent is to illustrate a moral issue and in no case shall evil be presented alluringly, nor so as to injure the sensibilities of the reader. Scenes dealing with, or instruments associated with walking dead, torture, vampires and vampirism, ghouls, cannibalism, and werewolfism are prohibited.

Profanity, obscenity, smut, vulgarity, or words or symbols which have acquired undesirable meanings are forbidden. Illicit sex relations are neither to be hinted at nor portrayed. Rape scenes as well as sexual abnormalities are unacceptable. Nudity with meretricious purpose and salacious postures shall not be permitted in the advertising of any product; clothed figures shall never be presented in such a way as to be offensive or contrary to good taste or morals.

Although the Comics Code Authority had no official control over publishers, most distributors refused to carry comics that did not carry the seal. Soon, other stories appeared around the country and even in other parts of the world were talking about it. Here are some samples:. This splash page was changed presumably because it was too scary. The bound woman is also removed. The original is from Captain America 6 and it was reprinted in Fantasy Masterpiece 6. The same issue also featured a Red Skull story from Captain America 7. You will note that he looks less frightful and more like a man in a mask.

Apparently, that was something the people at the Comics Code insisted on. The impression that the Senate hearings left on the public and the subsequent censorship of the Code decimated the comics industry. According to David Hajdu in The Cent Plague, the work for cartoonists dried up, with the number of titles published dropping from titles in to in The consequence was that more than working creators lost their jobs.

The commercial rejection of comics and the business altering restrictions of the Code were still not enough for some critics. The law was passed by the legislature on March 22, , and signed into law on May 2, The Senate Subcommittee hearings, the Comics Code, and the subsequent flurry of laws regulating the sale of comics combined to form the most brutal era of censorship arising from moral panic that American pop culture has ever known.

Correa People v. Illinois Obscenity Case Files: People v. Kirkpatrick People v. Blank pages, perfect for sketching! Pencil not included, featured for scale. Featuring articles A teenage girl struggles to overcome the trauma of war in an alternate, matriarchal s Asia that's brimming with arcane dangers. This task is made Bobby Drake has been in the super-hero game longer than most - but what is he known for besides a few good one-liners and a str History of Comics Censorship, Part 1 Below is a web-friendly version of the CBLDF presentation on the history of comics censorship, which has been delivered to audiences of scholars, lawyers, advocates and readers in the United States.

Born Banned Censorship arising from moral panic is a constant presence in the history of comics. Fredric Wertham Fredric Wertham was a child psychologist who did groundbreaking work with underprivileged youth, but Wertham sullied his legacy in a quest for fame that manifested in the anti-comics screed Seduction of the Innocent. He said: I would like to point out to you one other crime comic book which we have found to be particularly injurious to the ethical development of children and those are the Superman comic books. Wertham concluded: Mr. Crashed and Burned William Gaines was 32 years old and filled with righteous indignation and undergoing amphetamine withdrawal when he voluntarily took the stand before the Senate Subcommittee.

Beaser: There would be no limit actually to what you put in the magazines? Gaines: Only within the bounds of good taste.